Hot Days Ahead!

posted: by: Sara Trevino Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

The time has come for the hot season in South Texas! It's going to be important to keep our canine and feline friends protected from the heat. Having plenty of shelter from the blazing sun and lots of water to drink or splash in is going to be necessary.

Be sure to keep your companion pets health in mind before playing or exercising outside during the hot months. Excessive play or exercise and contribute to heat stress. Hot asphalt during walks/hikes can lead to burns on the paw pads. If its too hot for you, its too hot for them!

Some signs of heat stress include: Anxiousness, excessive panting, restlessness,  excessive drooling, unsteadiness and difficulty breathing. If you are concerned your pet may be experiencing heat stress, get them to your veterinarian immediately.