In Case Of Emergency

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In Case of Emergency…

**In the event that your pet experiences an emergency and Devine Veterinary Clinic is closed or unable to examine your pet we recommend the following Emergency and/or Specialty Clinics in San Antonio.

**If we are open please let us know where you are going so we can send your pet’s medical record to them.

**If you have paper copies of your pet’s records, receipts, medications, etc. please bring them with you to the emergency clinic so they can have as much information as possible to help your pet.

**Also, we recommend you call the emergency clinic before you go to make sure they are able to see your pet. Due to increasingly high demand in the veterinary care field, some emergency clinics are having to intermittently pause taking new patients or may have very long wait times.


·        Blue Pearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital

o   Website:

o   Address: 503 E sonterra Blvd Ste 102, San Antonio, Texas, 78258

o   Phone: (210) 930-8383

o   Open for emergency weeknights 8pm-8am, emergency weekends 24 hour, specialty by appointment.

·        Mission Vet Specialty and Emergency

o   Website:

o   Address: 8202 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, Texas, 78249

o   Phone: (210) 737-7373

o   Text PETS to 31996 to have directions sent to your phone

o   Open 24/7/365 for emergencies, Specialist hours by appointment Mon-Sat 8am-6pm.

·        Emergency Pet Clinic

o   Website:

o   Address: 8503 Broadway St. #105, San Antonio, Texas 78217

o   Phone: (210) 822-2873

o   Open 24/7/365

o   Offers some limited specialty services.



Signs of an Emergency…


·         Any difficulties breathing: short or shallow breath, increased effort, gagging, choking

·         First-time seizure, seizures lasting more than three minutes, or multiple seizures

·         Non-productive retching/vomiting, swollen or distended abdomen

·         Inability or straining to urinate

·         Inability to stand or walk

·         Pregnant pet in active labor for more than one hour without delivering; pet that has gone more than 3-4 hours between delivering

·         Vomiting blood, passing blood in stools/urine

·         Hives or swollen face

·         Trauma: bite wounds, broken bones, burns, cuts, lacerations, electric shock, eye injuries, heatstroke, hit by car

·         Ingestion of toxic or harmful substance

o   ASPCA Animal Poison Control

 Phone: (888) 426-4435


If your pet is experiencing any of the above, please seek immediate care.


Please don’t hesitate to call us or one of the listed emergency clinics if you are unsure if your pet is experiencing an emergency.